Soccer Aid Productions – Head of Social


Job Title - Head of Social Media, Soccer Aid Productions (SAP)
Reporting to: Director of Communications, SAP (Mark Whittle)
Dept. Communications Division, SAP

Location - Soccer Aid Productions, The Peace Room, Stamford Bridge, Chelsea FC, Fulham, London
Hours - 35 hours per week, Monday to Friday with expectancy to work out of hours as and when the role requires
Salary - Dependent on experience
Duration - Fixed term – six months

Soccer Aid for Unicef

Soccer Aid for Unicef brings together two teams of celebrities and football legends for the biggest celebrity charity football match in the calendar, broadcast live on ITV. The event started in 2006 and has taken place every two years since, raising more than £30million for Unicef UK and providing much needed support for children in danger.

Position in the organisation

This role is a senior role in the SAP Communications Division - positioned alongside the Head of Corporate Media and the Head of Campaign Media. The Head of Social Media will have one direct report – a SAP Social Media Lead to help deliver this function. The position will work alongside a Unicef UK Social Media Lead and Social Media Executive.

This role is a key position in the SAP structure as a more strategic growth approach to organic social media and analysis has been identified by SAP as a KPI for the communications team. The successful candidate will be responsible for maintaining relationships with senior executives and platform holders across the entire stakeholder landscape.

Purpose of Post

From 2018, Soccer Aid has become an annual event and is now looking for a Head of Social Media to provide strategic oversight and proven expertise to all organic social media activity. This position will create and implement an organic social media strategy to help deliver the overall Communications Division objectives. SAP sees this area as having huge potential for growth – in terms of reach, engagement, joined-up stakeholder media strategy, overall PR impact, fundraising and significantly contributing to commercial development of the SAP proposition.

This role requires creative thinking and a collaborative approach to oversee, inspire and influence a diverse and complex range of specialised stakeholders. The Head of Social Media will play an important role in the next stage of SAP’s ambitious plans for long-term growth and cementing its annual status as the world’s favourite professional celebrity football match. A candidate with proven experience at senior level in multi-channel large scale sports and entertainment campaigns would be preferable for this position.

The Head of Social Media will make use of the data provided by social networks to build analysis and provide insight to inform all strategic and reactive decision making. The social media strategy will be conducted in conjunction with the SAP Campaign Delivery Division, ITV Digital and the Head of Digital for Triple S Sports.


1. Organic Social Media
• Create, oversee and drive forward a new, inspiring SAP social media campaign strategy aligned to the overall communications and marketing strategy.
• Help deliver SAP business objectives through all Soccer Aid social activity.
• Coordinate and deliver content across the Soccer Aid organic social channels, amplifying key moments during the campaign.
• Increase the engagement rate of the Soccer Aid social channels in line with agreed objectives.
• Work closely with the Unicef UK Organic Social Lead to embed cause related content where applicable.
• Ensure all SAP stakeholders’ social channels are coordinated, and have a consistent narrative.
• Working with relevant internal and all external stakeholders, oversee all SAP-related social content that will cement and expand the Soccer Aid audience and demographic
• Collaborate and influence ITV social and digital teams to help achieve joint objectives
• Build relationships with senior executives and platform holders across all stakeholders
• Creative social media input and liaison with the Campaign Delivery Division to:

-Ensure dynamic social assets are part of the fundraising creative;
-Input into the talent content gathering process;
-Exploit relevant behind the scenes social opportunities with talent and PR events;
-Work with the Corporate Division to identify and deliver co-creation of corporate content to deliver against sponsor opportunities.

• Working closely with the SAP stakeholder talent leads, influence relations with the Soccer Aid talent and their representatives/social teams. Direct relationship with talent social teams where necessary.
• Regularly communicate and collaborate with all internal and external stakeholders on the social media strategy.
• In conjunction with the Senior Content Producer, oversee a programme of behind the scenes social content during training week and match day.
• General liaison with all SAP divisions at senior level.
• Provide regular organic social reports for the SAP Executive and stakeholders (as agreed).
• Use best in class data analysis methods to inform and shape all activity.
• Work beyond the standard working hours as and when required.

2. Data Analysis
• Working with Campaign Delivery Division and other relevant SAP & UUK Divisions:
- Establish and oversee an approach to gathering data of organic social media
- Work directly with talent social media team and with the SAP talent workstream to establish access to social channel data for SAP-related data analysis
- Explore VIK relationships with third parties to help provide data analysis
- Report back on social media analytics using digital tools where appropriate

• Ensure accurate “real-time” analysis of all in-house SAP social accounts
• Coordinate, combine and analyse data from all major SAP stakeholders (ITV, sponsors)
• Report on talent social accounts at regular stages of PR campaign
• Provide regular client-facing executive summaries focusing on engagement and growth
• Provide client-facing summaries on major PR campaign spikes in a timely fashion
• Set data-driven objectives and strategy for growth of all SAP-related channels


This section details the skills, behaviours and experience required for the role. All criteria in the Person Specification are essential.

Effective behaviours:

Collaboration - Work effectively with teams across Unicef, Soccer Aid Productions and key partners at all levels to build, maintain and influence relationships. Develop an in-depth understanding of SAP partners and their needs. Ability to help stakeholders achieve their goals in line with SAP objectives.

Communication - Produce effective and persuasive communications, conveying complex messages to influence decision making processes. Demonstrate variety of methods to engage and entice audiences and win buy-in and support

Efficiency and effectiveness - Produce effective planning processes to ensure efficient delivery. Manage multiple projects and conflicting priorities, allocating suitable time and resources to produce work to the required standard in time available. Respond creatively to resourcing issues to get things done in difficult circumstances.

Leadership - Act as a visible role-model. Translate strategy into short, medium and long-term goals. Negotiate with resolve and diplomacy. Communicate unpopular decisions. Prioritise knowledge and skills over status to make best use of talent and resource. Promote involvement at all levels.

Analytical - Promote a results-focused culture, engaging and guiding others to achieve ambitious goals. Focus on analysing and interpreting data to make logical and sound judgements, questioning assumptions and informing decision making.

Relevant experience

Proven experience at senior level in multi-channel large scale sports and entertainment campaigns preferable.

Experience of the digital communications landscape, with proven knowledge of planning and executing organic social strategies.

Experience of creating and producing engaging content for social media channels. Strong eye for design and good visual judgement. Looks for innovative approaches and solutions for appealing to relevant audiences.

Specific skills
Specific knowledge
. Knowledge of formats for the various social channels with an understanding of the creative production process.

Across latest, evolving trends and opportunities across social media landscape.



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